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Business plans are not just about applying for funding.

As an entrepreneur it’s about knowing upfront what you are setting yourself up for.


Business plans are not just about a 5 year forecast to apply for funding. Whether you are a startup or planning an expansion or planning a restructure, we can go through a comprehensive business review with you, on top of providing a return on investment analysis and a financial forecast. We go through details such as costing and pricing, market analysis, marketing strategy (incl. digital), commercial strategy, risk assessment and anything that helps you determine whether you are placing the eggs in the right basket. Entrepreneurship can be an exciting journey however this excitement needs to translate into a profitable venture, and we are here for that.

Our Services


Proper bookkeeping and sound accounting principles are the foundation of any thriving business.


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The wider your vision can encompass the more you find options. Consultancy often lands on a fresh perspective.


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Our services extend to help you with the significant growth opportunties of tomorrow.


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The key words for Entrepreneurs are innovation, improvement, quality, growth, customers, quality, etc…


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We are keen to help you with your business challenges, whether it be tax compliance, statutory accounts, accounting service support, payroll, acquisitions, declining market, among others