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Why Join BNT  Consulting?


We pride ourselves on having one of the best teams in the profession. We go through a rigorous process where we select candidates with the right technical expertise and the right attitude.

We look for people who are energetic, with good communications skills and who are quick thinkers. We then groom and polish our staff over the years so that they can progress in their career and take leadership roles in our numerous assignments.

We know that our success is closely linked to the quality of our people, their ability to work in teams and independently, the mutual giving and taking of support and advice and their willingness to go beyond clients’ expectations. We create an environment where the best elements can merge, grow and thrive.

Few organisations can offer such a wide variety of roles, so if you’re eager to take on challenging tasks day by day, and let your results speak of your achievements, then you are one step closer to joining our winning team!

Our Services


Proper bookkeeping and sound accounting principles are the foundation of any thriving business.


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Business Plans 

Entrepreneurship can be an exciting journey however this excitement needs to translate into a profitable venture.


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The wider your vision can encompass the more you find options. Consultancy often lands on a fresh perspective.


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The key words for Entrepreneurs are innovation, improvement, quality, growth, customers, quality, etc…


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We are keen to help you with your business challenges, whether it be tax compliance, statutory accounts, accounting service support, payroll, acquisitions, declining market, among others