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Our services extend to help you with the significant growth opportunities of tomorrow.

Build alliances, synergize and create more value.

At BNT Consulting, our services extend to help you with the significant growth opportunities of tomorrow. Besides growing organically, significant opportunities often crop up to build alliances, synergize and create more value. Creating value comes either in investing or in divesting. If you intend to expand by M&As or partnering in a JV, we support you with the due diligence and the transactional elements. We provide a comprehensive financial, economic and strategic review to validate the valuations and ensure the opportunities are risks are clear upfront to you and quantified wherever possible. These also include the different considerations on operational fit, legal, management philosophy integration and business related aspects. The same applies for disposals and divestitures if you intent to restructure and realign your focus on the core of your business. Our services typically include:

    1. Due Diligence
    2. Valuations and forecasts
    3. Operational review
    4. Advice on accounting and legal aspects

Our Services


Proper bookkeeping and sound accounting principles are the foundation of any thriving business.


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Business Plans 

Entrepreneurship can be an exciting journey however this excitement needs to translate into a profitable venture.


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The wider your vision can encompass the more you find options. Consultancy often lands on a fresh perspective.


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The key words for Entrepreneurs are innovation, improvement, quality, growth, customers, quality, etc…


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We are keen to help you with your business challenges, whether it be tax compliance, statutory accounts, accounting service support, payroll, acquisitions, declining market, among others